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Product number: 15-2088
Product information "123 6CYL DISTRIBUTOR KIT WO/COIL PRE 1962"

The 123/MERCEDES-6-R-V-OLD distributor is designed for pre-1962 6 cylinder engines

The 123/Mercedes-6-R-V-OLD 123ignition can be used in the Mercedes 180, 219, 220, 300 & 300SL, 6 or 12 volt, negative earth only.

This 123ignition can replace the following Bosch distributor numbers:
- VJUR 6 BR 47 T (curve 0, adjust at 32 degrees, 4500 rpm)
- VJUR 6 BR 24 T
- VJUR 6 BR 32 T
- VJUR 6 BR 38
- VJU 6 AR 10
- VJU 6 BR 21
- VJU 6 BR 21 T
- VJU 6 BR 26
- ZV/PCS 6 R 1 T

Features of the 123/Mercedes-6-R-V-OLD electronic ignition

The unit offers 7 different advance-curves, which can be selected by means of a little switch.

It also offers:
- Vacuum-advance
- Automatic dwell
- Automatic power-cut after 1 second
- Gear shift retard

Please note the following about the 123/Mercedes-6-R-V-OLD

For more recent 6 cylinder engines please order a 'normal' 123/MERCEDES-6-R-V.

For 6 cylinder electronic driven fuel injected engines (when the engine needs a trigger pulse form the ignition), please order the 123/MERCEDES-6-R-V-IE.

Please read the installation manual carefully. It contains more information about the specifications of the 123ignition and a step-by-step description of the installation procedure.

Coil and spark plugs

Although used coils all look alike, they should be viewed with suspicion since one cannot tell from the outside whether, and how often they were exposed to overheating in the past. Installing the 123ignition system will ensure that the coil will never be overheated again in future. We recommend the 123 Red Coil.

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